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The necessity and curiosity to possess an unknown power,  could bring a reign to act practices so cruel. Those who own such power have rebelled against their own King, starting a war that is at its end only now. The rioters, after suffering a bitter and final defeat, have been imprisoned and, without distinctions, submitted to the worst pains. Nevertheless, nothing has surfaced yet.

A scientist, moved by devotion for his own reign, agrees to succeed to all of those that, before him, have tried in the ever different and atrocious ways, to gain the so desired information.

He gives his knowledge and his tools to reach a goal that is far beyond everything has been attempted yet…

In this new phase, the rebels will not be anything else than guinea pigs to give to eat to these infernal machines.


The more the agony will be prolonged, the faster the goal  will be reached.

Try to rebuild the past of this world, understand the reasons of winners and won and choose your side.

On this chair, old and worn-out, you will bring your cavies to sure death. The most different subjects will be in front of you, but their end will be always the same.

Discover their story, their thoughts and listen everything they have to say about themselves and about this world… before to leave it forever.

Will the scientist be able to withstand all this?

Will it be worth it once the work is done?

About me:

This game is fully developed by me. Follow me on:

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Tags2D, Arcade, Atmospheric, Creepy, Horror, human-horror, Narrative, Pixel Art, Retro, Sci-fi


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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If you like good stories, this game will certainly not disappoint you. In less than two hours of gameplay there is a lot of care for the writing of the plot and the characters, and few lines of dialogue are able to define them well. The atmosphere is very immersive and accompanied by always very apt music. The gameplay is obviously very simple, and is more functional in moving the story forward. In a short time he managed to make me empathize a lot with the characters. A tip for those who will download it: look for secrets in the scenes, you will not be disappointed.

Your comment represents SIT DOWN, PLEASE at 100%. Thank you very much for playing it.

See you soon :).


This game, absolutely amazing. The feeling i had playing this is like no other game I've ever played, I am finna send the link to this game to everyone i know, this game deserves an award. I have 1 single complaint, and that's the difficulty of the last section. It gets really hard towards the end and i couldn't beat it unfortunately. My favorite part was red eyes (Dont wanna spoil it, but you probably know what i mean), in conclusion i loved this game, and it needs more popularity and an award for its story telling. 


Also thank you for adding a linux version as well :)


WOW. Thank you so much for your words, I'm so happy to read them :). Oh, i know well what are you talking about and i'm glad that you reached that part. Shit, maybe i should've made the final part easier, it's a shame you weren't able to beat the game. There is an ending you would have liked, i guess :). Thank you again. See you soon ;).


Wait, as of today the game is fully released?

Hey, yes it is. The game is complete.


Seems that the Itch Client won't recognize the downloads, likely cause it's a .rar file. Great game otherwise. :)


Hi, did you get an error? Sorry, but I think I didn't understand the problem. Does the archive have to be a .zip?

Thanks for your feedback by the way :)


I'm not sure what the problem was, but it seems to have fixed itself now. 


i like it cant wait for the full version 

My time: 6.12


Oh wow, great time 😄. I'm very glad you like it.


For those who like SAW and rhythm games this is the perfect choice


Thank you :)


Gave it a quick go - 

Thanks for your video and your feedback :)